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Suite 360- 233 1st St. West
North Vancouver, V7M 1B3 British Columbia


OCEANVIEW ENDODONTICS, is a dental practice specialized in advanced microscopic endodontics and microsurgery. Our goal is to be partners with the general dentist in treatment planning and to make our patients feel as comfortable as they feel with their general dentist. Our office is equipped with advanced dental technologies including surgical microscopes, digital radiography, and many other specialized tools in endodontics. 

Root Canal treatment

After your endodontic treatment appointment, it is recommended that you follow these instructions:

  • Avoid eating or drinking anything hot on the treatment side until the effect of local anesthetic wears off.
  • Avoid pressure or chewing on the tooth (teeth) that has been treated until you have seen your regular dentist for a permanent filling your tooth.
  • Once endodontic treatment has been completed, you must return to your regular dentist to have the temporary filling replaced by a permanent filling. A crown is often recommended. 
  • Some discomfort associated with the treated tooth is not unusual. You may be instructed by your endodontist to take some medication for this post-operative discomfort. 

Remember... If you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (604)-986-7668.